Small Group Personal Training

Classes in Green are designed for all ages and abilities, and classes in Blue are designed for older individuals.

Awesome Abs

Push your limits against our trainers in a 1/2 hour class focused on building pillar strength and stability. A strong core is necessary for proper posture, stance and alignment. This class will train your body to utilize an effective transfer of energy and develop optimal patterns of movement.

TRX: Total Body Resistance Exercise

Used by elite athletes and the U.S. armed special forces, the TRX has become a popular suspension training tool due to its highly functional nature and extreme convenience and portability. Using your own body weight, TRX allows you to leverage gravity to fit all fitness levels–simply adjust your body position to alter the resistance. Come to experience a unique resistance-based workout that will challenge your views on conventional weight lifting!


Based on U.S.A. amateur boxing styles, this circuit training regimen provides an intense cardio and muscular burn for all levels and abilities. Participants will learn to work on the mitts and heavy bag while focusing on correct form and technique. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill through this engaging and empowering full body workout!

Move Pain Free

Improve the way you move with a class designed to increase your joint function and active range of motion. Through direct feedback from our experts, we’ll help you to pinpoint and correct any muscular imbalances and develop overall resistance to injury.

Calorie Killing Cardio

Come to sweat! Push yourself to the max in an intense, 1/2 hour, fat-burning session guaranteed to get your heart pumping. This short, but sweet class is a must-have, metabolic boost for those looking to get LEAN!

Functional Fitness

Whether you’re just looking to build strength or increase performance, this class will get you to your goal. Using multi-joint, multi-planar movement and our functional approach to fitness, this superior conditioning class is designed improve speed, strength and power while minimizing your risk of injury.

Muscle Tension Release

Muscle release never hurt so good! Using equipment such as the Rumble Roller and a variety of sport balls, we’ll show you how to hit those deep trigger points to break up adhesions in the myofascia that contribute to muscle pain and spasm. By lengthening the muscle fibers, this pseudo-self-massage will help increase your range of motion and overall quality of movement.

Distance Resistance

Decrease your chances of overuse injuries by incorporating cross training as a regular part of your workout. This resistance-based, sport-specific training will help get you into competitive shape as a well-rounded athlete, or help you to delve into a more dynamic workout regimen. All levels welcome.


Founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata, this high intensity interval training will maximize your aerobic and anaerobic gains in a minimal amount of time. By structuring your workout with short periods of rest and high bursts of energy, Tabata is scientifically proven to give you optimal results.

Outdoor Boot Camp

Challenge yourself with this fast-paced, calorie -blasting workout, using the traditional boot camp style approach in the fresh Colorado outdoors! Boot camp is geared toward all fitness levels, and modifications are always offered from the beginner to the advanced. Burn up to 1000 calories and battle the outdoors in a variety of fun and challenging locations.

BYOB: Build Your Own Bones

Slow the effects of aging, decrease your risk of injury and falls and strengthen your heart in a resistance-based workout designed for seniors. We’ll assist you in addressing your areas of weakness while providing a well-rounded strength routine designed to help you live life to the fullest.

Prime Time

A total body workout for active seniors. Prime Time is a combination of aerobic, flexibility and strength training all done in a fun-filled, safe environment. Our functional exercises are designed to increase mobility, joint stability, dynamic balance, coordination, agility, muscular power and cardiovascular endurance.